Elements Of Design

Hi, my name is Heather! I go to Victoria East High School, this is my blog about the Elements of Design. Go nuts.

Rhythm: Rhythm generally means a ” movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions.” This general meaning of regular recurrence or pattern in time can apply to a wide variety of cyclical natural phenomena having a periodicy or frequency of anything from microseconds to millions of years.

Image 1: Value is how dark or light a color is. This is a value scale, it shows the lightest and darkest on the color.

Image 2: This is a picture of the color wheel with the different values of the colors. Towards the center is the lightest, towards the outside is the darkest.

Image 1: This is a natural texture of tree bark. Looking at it, you can picture the roughness of the tree.

Image 2: In this picture you can see the straw hate and picture how it will feel. You can see the different grooves and spaces in it.

Image 1: This is rectilinear because buildings are made up of shapes that have 4 sides. They’re straight lines that connect to form a shape.

Image 2: This is rectilinear because all the walls, buildings, and windows connect to make many rectangles. This is a good example of rectilinear.

Image 1: This image is curvilinear because its not straight lines. It’s all curves that conect together to create a curved shape.

Image 2: This image is curvilinear because this is made up of curved lines. The shape is created by changing the direction of the curves.

Image 1: The implied line shows you the direction of someones motion. In this picture you can clearly see the direction, or “implied” line, that the camera is facing.

Image 2: In this picture you can see the “implied” line of sight of the dog. There isn’t a present line showing, but you can still see the direction.

Image 1: Gesture lines show you the motion of the character, object, etc. In this picture you can see all the directions and motions that the characters are doing/going.

Image 2: The gesture lines show the direction that the animals are running in, playing, etc. The gesture lines give you a basic sense of direction.

Image 1: Contour lines are the basic outline of the shape. In this picture, you can see the basic shape of the hand and fingers.

Image 2: This picture lets you see the contour lines of all the knuckles and fingers. Contour lines show you the basic outline of the hand.

Image 1: A monochromatic picture, like this one, is a picture that has the same color, just different hues and shades of it. This is a picture that is different shades of pink.

Image 2: This monochromatic picture is all sorts of purples. There are all different shades, values, and hues but its just one color.

Image 1: This is a color pallate of blues and oranges. The hue of these colors are just  darker or lighter versions of the original color.

Image 2: This is the whole color wheel seperated into all the different hues. There are many different hues you can do for just one color.

Image 1: This picture represents cool colors because its a mixture of blues and greens. Cool colors cause trigger emotions such as sadness, loniless, and other emotions like these.

Image 2: This picture also represents cool colors because its blues and violets. If this image had other colors such as red or orange, it wouldn’t be considered cool colors.

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